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“Dr. Barnajian was kind and gentle and I looked forward to my treatments. Before meeting Dr. Barnajian, I could hardly look over my left shoulder. Every morning I would wake with a stiff and sore neck. Sometimes the soreness would last all day. I’d never been to a chiropractor before and was a little nervous at first. Dr. Barnajian thoroughly explained the treatments to me. After a series of treatments I now have full range of motion in my neck. I look over my left shoulder when driving instead of relying on my mirrors. I wake up and feel fine. I don’t even notice my neck anymore. If any part of my back or neck bother me again I will definitely go see Dr. Barnajian.”-Shirley M. Encino , CA

“When I went to Dr. Barnajian, I had had a persistent pain in my upper and mid back for over a year. The x-ray showed arthritis in the area where I had been feeling pain. Dr. Barnajian explained that it wasn’t serious because it was in the beginning stages and I began a three month course of treatment. After the first week of adjustments, I could feel improvement. After three months, my flexibility and natural agility had returned and my pain had diminished significantly. I put a lot of thought into seeing a chiropractor and had wondered if the pain I was feeling wouldn’t just naturally go away. Going to Dr. Barnajian has been a wonderful experience and I am glad that I decided to get treatment. Without Dr. Barnajian, there is no way I would have gotten back to normal, and I’ve learned so much in the process about taking care of my back. Dr. Barnajian has helped me a lot and I highly recommend him. To anyone even only considering a course of chiropractic treatment, the initial consultation/evaluation is reasonably priced and informative, and Dr. Barnajian doesn’t oversell the treatment. He is professional in every regard. ” – David W., Beverly Hills, CA

“Dr. Barnajian had been treating a foot problem I have had for a little while. Dr. Barnajian found in the initial x-ray a misaligned bone and treated that along with some arthritis issues. I have found Dr. Barnajian to be very receptive in understanding the patient’s point of view and he listens very carefully to any issues that may be of concern. He gives you all the time needed to treat the problem and suggests any exercises and or other treatment that would assist in correcting the problems. In going to a foot clinic to treat other issues, the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine was very impressed with Dr. Barnajian’s treatment of my issues. My foot problem was not a typical case for Dr. Barnajian, but I need to say that he was adamant in helping me and successfully treated my problems with his knowledge and persistence. I would highly recommend Dr. Barnajian for all your chiropractic needs.” – Ray S. Los Angeles, CA

“When seeking a doctor, there are two characteristics that are very important to me. They should be experts in their field of study and they should possess commendable interpersonal skills when communicating with their patients. Dr. Barnajian succeeded any expectations I have for a great doctor. Not only is he an expert at what he does but he has a genuine care and concern for his patients. He gained my trust and respect on the first visit, and that’s not an easy thing to do. I only recommend Dr. Barnajian to the person seeking excellence rather than mediocrity.” – Josh B., Beverly Hills, CA