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Automobile Injuries

Due to the growing number of patients that have come to our offices due to injuries sustained from automobile crashes, Dr. Barnajian has voluntarily begun receiving advanced training in this field.

According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for 2004, there were over 6 million reported automobile crashes in the U.S. that year with over 2.5 million of the occupants reporting injuries. Most of the injured occupants were the driver, with whiplash injury being one of the most common injuries. Therefore with practically all of us having to enter into a vehicle everyday, it is important to know what injuries can occur during a crash. More importantly, it is important to know how to avoid or minimize injuries and to know what treatment options are available if you have been injured.

This section of our website has been created so that we may help you to be more informed about the many different aspects that should be known when it comes to automobile crash injuries. So please feel free to browse around this section.